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Drones in medical logistics: White Paper

Improve access to clinical pathology diagnosis for all

Cerba HealthCare (Issy Les Moulineaux – France) and The Drone Office (London – United-Kingdom) announced the publication of their collaborative White Paper on opportunities and challenges of using aerial drones to support medical logistics. The teams identified 4 use cases where drones would be a powerful alternative to existing logistics schemes.

Issy Les Moulineaux (France) and London (United Kingdom), 10 July 2019

Medical biology drives innovation with scientific and technological breakthroughs in its core business, including in samples logistics. Looking ahead, autonomous vehicles are emerging and may transform transport and logistics. Google cars, Hyperloop trains, and in the sky Amazon Prime Air, Google Wings, flying taxis. Science-fiction or reality? Experiments of medical delivery by aerial drones are already ongoing. Unicef supports drone delivery projects for blood units and vaccines in countries where infrastructure is weak or inexistent.

The teams at Cerba HealthCare and The Drone Office assessed the existing and future opportunities and benefits of using drones in biological samples logistics. They identified 4 use cases where drones would be a powerful alternative to existing logistics schemes

With a focus on solving challenges in Europe:

  • Case #1: Provide an emergency service in Europe, 24/7

And with a focus on solving challenges in Africa:

  • Case #2: Improve the detection of cervical cancer in sub-Saharan Africa;

  • Case #3: Serve large remote industrial sites;

  • Case #4: Overcome traffic jams in saturated megacities.

« We are very happy to collaborate with Cerba HealthCare on pragmatic use cases that can make a positive impact to the service offered in clinical biology to patients and doctors, and to address the related technological, regulatory and economic issues. The challenge is tremendous and exciting” said Anne-Lise Scaillierez, Partner at The Drone Office.

«Through this partnership with The Drone Office, we are pursuing our strategy of Open Innovation to identify emerging technologies in our fields of expertise and to support innovative start-ups in their development” added Jérôme Sallette, Director Innovation and Development at Cerba HealthCare.

For more information, please contact:

Cerba HealthCare

Innovation and Development

The Drone Office

Anne-Lise Scaillierez, Partner

About Cerba HealthCare

A European leader, the group is present in all segments of the clinical pathology market: routine clinical pathology, mainly in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy, and in Africa, through a network of over 650 laboratories and 60 technical facilities; specialised clinical pathology through the group’s original laboratory serving more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East; central lab testing for clinical trials, an essential service for the development of new molecules in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, through its subsidiaries located across the 5 continents; and lastly, central lab testing for diagnostic trials, enabling the in vitro diagnostics industry to analytically validate new medical devices before they are put on the market. In 2016, Cerba HealthCare diversified into the veterinary pathology and genetics market with Cerba Vet, a company established for this purpose. Cerba HealthCare has over 8,000 employees, including 650 medical pathologists.


THE DRONE OFFICE is a consulting and services company specialising in drones & robots, based in London and Paris. We offer public and private clients independent, solution-agnostic expertise. Drones are part of the autonomous vehicle transformation and our first objective is to help clients develop a safe and innovative drone roadmap. Drones are also part of the digital transformation. So, beyond safety, our objective is to help clients transform disruption into a competitive advantage and value creation. Equally important, we share with clients a vision of technology with a sense of purpose, that truly adds value for everyone. Our services cover building and updating our client’s inhouse expertise and foundation knowledge; assessing the state-of-the-art in their industry; pilot-project design and planning; support to the selection of technologies, suppliers, and partners; project management; scaling-up from pilot-project to routine operations.


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