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Excited to have contributed to Drone Professional 1!

Drone Professional 1 ranked #1 on the Amazon USA Commercial Aviation and #1 in Flight Instruction. Led by Louise Jupp, it contains a wealth of knowledge from 16 professionals.

Drone Professional 1

The book is a resource for the Drone Profession globally, written by leading experts and is available on Amazon. It contains case studies, guidance, and insights from 16 experts from the global professional drone community on the value of the drone industry for a broad range of professional applications.

Drone Professional 1 covers drones, professional drone pilots, UAVs, drone software and technology, civil aviation, commercial aviation, drone science and drone education. 16 drone professionals worldwide share their current best thinking, expertise and experience on commercial drone issues.

Admittedly this is a great resource because it combines both technical and personal anecdotal feedback from frontline experts. What is truly inspiring is the broad range of professional drone applications included in this book.


Contributors of Drone Professional 1 are Benoit Le Ber, Jasper Schmeits, Anne-Lise Scaillierez, Filippo Tomasello, James Oliver, S. James Ellis, Debbie Jewitt, Robert Miller, Justin Melman, Janna Mae Rubin, Rabih Bou Rashid, Kim James, Tawanda Chihambakwe, Graham Dyer, Arie van Ravenswaay and Louise Jupp (Editor).

Worth noting, Drone Professional 1 is fully referenced, and this is an impeccable resource for

professional drone operators.

Medical drone delivery

Unsurprisingly, I wrote an article on medical drone delivery.

Innovation is part of aeronautics’ DNA. It has supported the extraordinary growth in air transport. Did you know that 3.5 billion passengers travelled by plane in 2017, safely? Could the aviation pioneers have imagined that within a few decades, air transport would be acclaimed as the safest means of mass transportation?

Today the sky is on the verge of new transformations. A new kind of aircraft is gradually taking its fair share of our skies, the aerial drone. Commercial drones first emerged as toys, or leisure drones. At the same time, drones were used in the professional audio-visual sector, for wedding photography or video shootage of wildlife documentaries. Gradually, embedded sensors and image processing software became more and more sophisticated, and professional drones became relevant in agriculture, infrastructure inspection, construction, emergency services … the benefits of drones as professional tools apply to a wide array of business fields.

However, these applications are about sourcing images or information from the sky, and not transport. Tomorrow, as the autonomous vehicles revolution develops, autonomous drones will be able to transport goods over long distances.

Yet in terms of aeronautical safety, there is a big gap between on one hand a drone of a few hundred grams evolving within line of sight under the control of a remote pilot, and on the other hand a heavier aircraft evolving automatically over long distances, beyond visual line of sight. The technological challenge is tremendous and exciting.

Also, what’s the purpose and benefit of drone delivery? Deliver pizzas within 30 minutes?

How could disruptive technologies serve the common good and truly bring value for


Giving or improving access to medical diagnosis meets these aspirations. Several experiments are already in progress. Unicef supports drone delivery projects for blood units and vaccines in countries where infrastructure is weak or non-existent.

With this in mind, we have developed a collaborative approach with Cerba HealthCare, a leading international pathology lab, with a view to better understand:

  • How advanced is the autonomous drone revolution? What is the state of the art in aerial drone transport? When should we be ready for it?

  • Which use cases can make a difference to the benefit of patients and doctors?

  • What are the challenges in terms of technology, regulations and business model?

Available on Amazon

Find Drone Professional 1 on Kindle here and enjoy the reading!

Thank you Andrew Priestley and Louise Jupp for this collaborative experience.


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