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Project CAELUS: great engagement and support expressed for medical drone logistics in Scotland

As part of Project CAELUS, THE DRONE OFFICE set up an open engagement platform with our consortium partner COMMONPLACE.

We're thrilled by the level of engagement raised: more than 7000 visitors, and more than 800 respondents!

It was the opportunity to ask people what they think about the project, about the idea of using drones for medical logistics in support of the NHS in Scotland. We greatly value the perspectives of community members and believe that their input will be instrumental in shaping innovation in healthcare delivery in Scotland.

We engaged to:

•       Understand the public and communities' perception of the benefits of medical drone delivery services in Scotland: Do people agree we can make a genuine positive impact in their lives? What do they value most?

•       Build trust, remove barriers to acceptance: what’s on people mind? What are their biggest concerns?

When reviewing the outcome, please bear in mind that this is not a formal survey. The platform is open to the public, and we cannot confirm that the voices expressed fairly represent the population of Scotland.

Overall, people expressed a very favorable opinion about the project and the use of drones to support the NHS in Scotland, with more than 85% being positive or very positive about it.

They also expressed their concerns, primarily around safety and security, as well as impact on the environment and privacy.

Watch the video to discover findings in more details:

We had a great level of engagement and we extend our warmest thanks to each and everyone who took the time to engage and share their views.

You can still visit the engagement platform at:



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About the Future Flight Challenge

The UKRI Future Flight Challenge is a £300m programme, co-funded by industry and

government, has been running for around 4 years and will conclude in March 2025. The

purpose of the Challenge was not just to develop new aerospace technologies, but to explore

how these can be integrated with other services to create the aviation ecosystem to enable

drones, advanced air mobility, and electric sub-regional flight to transport how we connect

people, deliver goods, and provide services. The Challenge is delivered by Innovate UK and

the Economic and Social Research Council, both councils of UK Research and Innovation.


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