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5 UK CAA recent publications impacting drone regulation and operations in the specific category.

The CAA has published a series of update or new CAPs affecting drone operations in the specific category, and in particular the PDRA01 Operational Authorisation:

CAP2606A  3 April 2024 

CAP722H 3rd edition  9 April 2024

CAP2606 Ops Manual Template 10 April 2024 

CAP722 edition 9.2  16 April 2024

CAP722G 2 May 2024

Remember to check the CAA webpage for the Specific Category, because publications are not systematically announced via Skywise or social media.

This series of drone regulation publications and update follows the successful implementation of project DISCO. Operators now submit their request for a UK PDRA-01 operational authorisation on a digital platform, and follow a "Declaration of Compliance" process. The CAA no longer vets every single application and its Operations Manual. Rather, the OA is now delivered pretty much the next day - subject to the Operator ticking the box and declaring compliance with the requirements - and the CAA teams will instead conduct random audits of drone operators.


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