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Major UK RPAS policy update by the CAA

Lot's to read and adopt before end Jan 2023. The CAA announced the publication of their updated Acceptable Means of Compliance, as well as the CAP722 series update. It includes a new CAP722H for UK PDRA01.

From the CAA publication service:

"We have published a decision introducing new Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for UK Regulation (EU) 2019/947 (ORS9 No 16), which is effective immediately. This provides a way of complying with regulatory requirements and can be found in the regulation library.Direct link to AMC & GM is here.

As a result, CAP 722, CAP 722A, CAP 722B, CAP 722C, CAP 722D and CAP 722E have been re-published, and CAP 722H (Pre-Defined Risk Assessments) has been newly published.

There have been significant changes to all these documents, in particular- CAP 722A, and UAS Operators and Remote Pilots are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the changes. UAS Operators and Recognised Assessment Entities are asked to start to implement these changes within their operations, before the end of January 2023."

8 December 2022


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